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At FUSED Home & Remodeling, we offer a complete bathroom remodeling service including countertops installation, shower or bathtub renovation, sink installation, plumbing and electrical installation, and wall or flooring renovation. We're here to put together your choice of bathroom designs and layouts. Our team will give you the bathroom renovation that you and your family have always dreamed of. We will follow the specifications that we both agree on and complete the project in an efficient and quality-driven manner. Our bathroom remodeling service experts will update you every day to let you know where the project is at and what still remains.

For a quote, or to ask any questions, please contact us—and our knowledgeable and friendly team will discuss your project’s specifications with you. Start your bathroom renovations today!

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Soak in the bliss of a brand-new bathtub, especially one that is right for you and your family. Is it acrylic, ceramic, porcelain, or fiberglass that you need? Our bathroom renovations will bring your vision to life.

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The most frequently used feature in your bathroom should be adorned with the best-in class products. Porcelain, ceramic, glass, copper, or granite? Undermount, vessel, or pedestal? The experts at FUSED can help pick out the right style that best suit your home.

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Sculpt your choice of countertops with eye-catching patterns and durable granite, quartz, or granite. Our bathroom remodeling service will use your material of choice for your bathroom renovation.

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The star of the show or the understated background, flooring is still the most important of them all. We can assist you in the process of picking out and installing the right flooring for your room.

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Need help with your next bathroom remodel project? We can help guide you through the design, remodel, and installation process. Schedule an appointment with an expert to learn more.

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Bathroom Remodel

FUSED Home & Remodeling offers complete bathroom remodeling services include flooring installation, shower renovation, sink installation, custom cabinets, and plumbing and electrical installation. We take pride in our quality craftsmanship, exceptional services, and transparent prices. Learn more about our bathroom remodeling services.



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