Bedroom Remodeling

Restore and revive the bedroom of your dreams with FUSED Home & Remodeling. Regardless of whether you want a modern or old-fashion aesthetic, our Houston bedroom renovation team has the experience to bring your vision to life. You can design an oasis to call your own with our quality craftsmanship. From start-to-finish, FUSED Home & Remodeling offers full-service and custom design bedroom remodeling solutions you and your family will love.

Our bedroom renovations team will keep you up-to-date with how your project is going by having one of our contractors communicate to you throughout the entire process. Contact us with any questions you have regarding our bedroom remodeling service—our team cannot wait!

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With great design team, we will be able to build a functional and beautiful walk-in closet, an impeccable dressing area of your dream.

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Store and organize your belongings with stylish custom cabinetry. Picking out the right style, doors, and storage capacity can be frustrating. We can help you update or replace your cabinetry here at FUSED.

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Find the right wall color that complements your home. Soothing hues or high-contrasts, we have variety of wall accents to match your tastes and budgets. 

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The star of the show or the understated background, flooring is still the most important of them all. We can assist you in the process of picking out and installing the right flooring for your room.

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Need help with your next bedroom remodel project? We can help guide you through the design, remodel, and installation process. Schedule an appointment with an expert to learn more.

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