Control Mosquitoes in Your Home 

Feb 21, 2018 10:27:46 AM / by FUSED Remodeling

Rain build-up and warm weather spark a rise in mosquito population. Along with potential disease, mosquitoes can be major nuisances to your family, and especially kids. Here are a few tips to control the mosquitoes in your home and reduce your chance of getting an unpleasant bite by one. 

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1. Keep air conditioner on when possible

Mosquitoes prefer temperatures over 80 degrees. They tend to go dormant when temperatures fall below 50 degrees. Some species have adaptations that allow them to hibernate in the cold. It will help reduce, but not completely get rid of the population. 


2. Install or repair door and window screens 

Keep mosquitoes out of your home with door and window screens. Do not keep door propped open. 


3. Remove standing water and use water treatment 

Empty buckets, flowerpots, trash cans , and other storage containers once a week. Use larvicide to treat large containers of water. 


4. Use indoor and outdoor inspect spray 

Spray insecticides in dark and humid places including garage, patio furniture, closet, sink, laundy room, etc. 



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