Declutter, Disinfect, Dehumidify

Dec 27, 2017 12:41:18 PM / by FUSED Remodeling

It is very common for mold or bacteria to accumulate in flooded or water damaged homes. Exposure to mold can lead to respiratory tract infections and other adverse health affects. Some side effects include nasal congestions, coughing, and throat, eye, or skin irrigation.

We put together some useful tips to help you in the process of declutter, disinfect, and dehumidify your home. 


  • Remove and replace all flooded receptacles
  • Remove wet cartpets, curtains, draperies, etc.


Foam cleaning, brush cleaning and pressure washing are common processes use to wash and disinfect bateria from water damaged properties. We also highly recommend the following treatments sanitize and disinfect affected areas.


To minimize future fungal or mold growth, it is important, and sometimes overlooked, to properly dry out the interior and materials before the reconstruction and restoration process.

  • Open windows and doors to naturally dry out materials
  • Use moisture meter to check frames that may still contain moisture content
  • Use dehumidifier or fans to dry out interior


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